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Saving Princess Madeline—Rescuing a Racehorse from Slaughter

December 3, 2011

Vickery Eckhoff

Princess Madeline in the feedlot at Camelot Horse Auction (photo courtesy of Sarah Andrew)

Part II from my series on about Thoroughbreds, horse racing and the horse industry

Part two of my series on Thoroughbreds, horse racing, and the horse industry chronicles the story of Princess Madeline, a racehorse who was sold to a feedlot, priced for kill buyers, and rescued on July 16 by me and my sister Nina.

The story on traces her path from the racetrack to Camelot Horse Auction in Cranbury New Jersey, and Camelot Horse Weekly, the volunteers that networked her and 28 other horses through their Facebook group to get them into permanent homes.

If you want to buy a horse, a donkey, a pony or just want to know more about horse rescue, this is a great group to follow—and there are many rescue groups on Facebook that could use donations to help them rescue horses or, in some cases, just buy halters for those at auction.  Most arrive with halters, but the auction proprietors remove them to make the horses appear anonymous, unwanted and uncontrollable. If you want to help the horses, you can donate to Halters of Hope.

Sadly, this post coincides with the announcement of Congress’ quiet reversal of the ban on horse slaughter in the U.S. This was signed into law by President Obama and Congress on November 18, with no media coverage until November 29.

I’ll be writing about that as the series goes forward. I hope you’ll share so that others may come to understand the ways in which the meat industry, along with the racing industry and pharmaceutical industry have moved behind closed doors with U.S. legislators, crafting new legislation to help them further control the food supply and especially, the animals that are raised, stolen and slaughtered for domestic and foreign tables.

Here are two other posts in the series now live on

Part 1: Racing Industry Silent on Slaughtered Thoroughbreds 

Part 3: Horse Slaughterhouse Investigation Sounds Food Safety and Cruelty Alarms

More coming soon.

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  1. Alaina Paul, NH #
    March 1, 2012

    I stumbled upon the Forbes article regarding regarding Thoroughbred slaughter- Thank you for writing & such valuable info. Some of what I read gave me a sick horrible feeling & I had to hold tears back.
    I have copied some of the info to forward to all I have in my email address book. And by the way– I did NOT vote for Obama for Pres.!
    The article on Princess Madeline I linked to from the thoroughbred article – Congratulations to you & your sister.

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