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About Modern Christian Spinster

The Modern Christian Spinster’s Guide to Love in the 21st Century is a memoir that I’m serializing, chapter by chapter, in blog form. The longer version, the one I hope to sell and have been writing for several years, is about my lifelong quest to understand love (both the human and divine), my dad’s philandering, my mother’s death and a personal sacrifice I made to teach Sunday School—and what my students taught me.

The main site for the novel is at You can subscribe to it over there or be a subscriber here and get updates on all my writing, including articles and essays unrelated to Modern Christian Spinster.

Many people want to know more about the religion interwoven into the story. Some have written me telling me I’m a cult member and am going to hell, while others are interested in the spiritual principles and healing practice that it teaches. The links and descriptions below are included for anyone wishing to know more. Please note, however, that The Modern Christian Spinster’s Guide to Love in the 21st Century was never intended be a forum for advocating for its tenets or defending my own beliefs. Rather, it was conceived purely as entertainment, a memoir about misadventures and revelations extending from an affluent upbringing in and around a church that most people misunderstand to the culture and values of the times.   I hope you read it on that basis. I’ve certainly enjoyed writing it.


Christian Science web site

Tenets of Christian Science

Healingcore beliefsquestions and answers and FAQs

Christian Science is not Scientology (this one is pretty funny) (articles, resources and discussions)

Christian Science Publishing Society (publications)

The Christian Science Monitor  (daily newspaper)

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