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Who’s Who In Capitol Hill’s Horse Meat Power Posse

December 23, 2011

Vickery Eckhoff

U.S. Representative, Bob Goodlatte

Which state representative puts horse meat recipes like “Filly Filet” on one of her many Web sites? Which former Congressman-turned-lobbyist pocketed thousands of dollars in farm subsidies while writing billion-dollar farm bills? And which prominent Democrat made the request to slip language into a conference report that sent untold thousands of wild horses and burros to their deaths in the 107th Congress?

You’ll find the answers in Who’s Who in Capitol Hill’s Power Posse,  a photo gallery on It’s a follow-up to my Dec. 21 post on, “How Many Congressmen Does It Take To Screw A Horse?” Now, you can put the Congressmen’s names, photos and actions together.

By the way, the Democrats have been very naughty here. And a republican—Bob Goodlatte—turns out to be both a Christian Scientist and one of the original birthers.

Mary Baker Eddy would not approve.

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  1. BlessUsAll #
    May 12, 2012

    I agree with you, Vickery. Mary Baker Eddy would not approve. In her Message to The Mother Church in 1901, she said: “Christian Science gives neither moral right nor might to harm either man or beast.”

    Unfortunately, at last one other federal legislator who is a Christian Scientist favors horse slaughter: Lamar Smith, R-TX (San Antonio).

    Very sad, isn’t it?

    Both Goodlate and Smith are against gambling on anything, including on horse racing. Yet neither are against the horse owners’ right to treat their equine “property” in ways that the truly moral (humane, honest, compassionate) person would reject out of hand.

    John Holland has faced off against Bob Goodlatte in at least one town hall meeting. As I recall, John didn’t think the congressman acted very Christian to either the humans who trying to ban horse slaughter or to the innocent, loyal, trusting horses.

    Today I read the word “unsuspecting” in another blog. It reminded me that horse slaughter is an act of treachery. Many of the slaughtered horses thought they had a human friend, tried to give their all on behalf of that human friend. They never suspected that their human friend would betray them for a lousy buck or two.

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